How to participate in the Readymade Store

If you are an artist and you would like to sell prints on our Readymade store:

  • 1. Apply

    Apply to this Open Call. There is a fee of $12 per application. Curators will carefully review each application and artworks submitted.

  • 2. Commercial Ready

    Upon acceptance, you will see the Commercial Ready (CR) badge on the chosen works, and you will be given the option to join Readymade.

  • 3. Become Readymade

    Once you select the Readymade option, our curators choose the pieces to be included in the Readymade Store from the badged works.

  • 4. Enjoy, a free membership platform with many unique features and benefits that help you sell, promote, connect, and grow.

For more information, Help Center. For questions, please contact Support.

Two Channels for Selling Art through provides two paths to bring your art into the commercial art market. Both channels offer unique ways to connect your work with the right audience and opportunities.


    Art Consultancy Services

    Artworks in the Commercial Ready Program on are marked with the CR badge.

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  • Become Readymade

    Once your works are badged CR, you can then opt-in to have your work sold via the Readymade Store.